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low volume atomizing nozzle fine fog misting head tips

Material:Stainless steel
Working method:Internal mix, external
Operation type:Pressure, Syphon
Spray pattern:Flat fan, round spray
Feature:Adjustable, fine droplets
Application:Humidifying, cooling, dedusting, lubricating, disinfecting
Customized products:Available
Working pressure:1 - 3bar
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low volume atomizing nozzle is a kind of atomizing nozzle used to convert liquid into mist, its spray volume is very low. low volume atomizing nozzle is usually used in spraying, aerosol fire extinguishing and other fields. It has the characteristics of small spray particle size, uniform spray and wide spray range, so it is suitable for the application scenarios requiring high precision spray.
The capacity of a low volume atomizing nozzle usually refers to the volume of liquid it can eject per minute, which is generally between a few ml and dozens of ml. The specific capacity depends on the design and use of the nozzle. For example, the capacity of the low volume atomizing nozzle commonly used in the medical field is generally between 0.5 ml and 5 ml.
low volume atomizing nozzle
The characteristics of low volume atomizing nozzle include:
The ejected droplets are small in diameter, typically between 10 and 100 microns.
Spray evenly, covering a wide area, can achieve fine spray control.
Spray Angle adjustable, suitable for different spray scenes and needs.
It is usually small and easy to install and maintain.
It can save liquid consumption, reduce cost and improve efficiency.
The atomizing flow rate of low volume atomizing nozzle depends on many factors, including nozzle design, nozzle diameter, liquid viscosity, pressure and spray Angle. Generally speaking, the atomizing flow rate of small-capacity atomizing nozzles is usually between 0.1 ml/min and 10 ml/min.

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