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Adjustable air and water mixing atomizing spray nozzles

Material:Stainless steel, brass, plastic,316SS, 304SS
Spray pattern:Flat fan, round full cone
Thread size:1/8", 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1,1/2", 2" BSP, NPT or others
Feature:Adjustable, anti-dripping
Application:Cooling, humidifying, dedusting, coating
Sample order:Accepted
Air cap, retainer ring, fluid cap, gaskets, nozzle body, needle vale 
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Air and water spray nozzle is a kind of air atomizing spray nozzle, air and water in the nozzle content impact mixed with each other. air and water nozzle uses a special internal structure designed to allow liquid and gas to mix evenly, producing a spray of micro-droplet size or coarse water droplets. Typically, air and water mixing nozzle in creases gas pressure or decreases liquid pressure to produce a finer droplet spray, resulting in a higher gas flow rate to liquid flow rate ratio. The micro-droplet spray produced by air and water atomizing nozzles can play a better role in humidifying the surrounding environment.
Air and water mixing spray nozzle

Air and water mixing spray nozzle main types

 siphon type air and water spray nozzle, pressure type air and water nozzles, ultrasonic air and water mixing nozzle, automatic control air and water nozzles, anti-drip air atomizing nozzles and so on.
Air and water mixing spray nozzle

Air and water mixing nozzle mixing ways

Its mixing mode is generally internal mixing and external mixing nozzle. External mixing water and air nozzles control water atomization by changing the gas pressure without changing the liquid flow rate through an external mixing device. Internal mixing water and air nozzles are water and air mixed internally by a pressure device to produce a fully atomized spray. Fluid flow and air flow are not independent, and changes in air flow can also affect fluid flow.
Air and water mixing spray nozzle

Air and water spray nozzle spray effect

The spray effect of air and water spray nozzle is to produce very fine droplets atomization. The atomizing particle size of air and water atomizing nozzle is as small as 10μm, which is the choice of nozzle type for the occasion with higher requirements for spray. The spray form effect after atomization has: solid full conical spray, flat fan spray, hollow conical spray types. Ordinary air and water spray nozzle have a liquid flow rate of 0-90 L /h and a gas volume of 7 m3/h at 3Mpa pressure. The particle size can reach 30 microns. The spraying distance can be up to 3 meters.

Air and water spray nozzle adjust function

Air and water spray nozzle has a adjust device, can not change the liquid and gas pressure by adjusting the adjustable device behind, can also change the flow of spray, can achieve suitable spray, so there is a stronger adaptability, adjustable air and water spray nozzle can be used in different environments. This adjustment function can meet people's different spray requirements.
Air and water mixing spray nozzle

The application field of air and water spray nozzle

 General application of water-air atomizing nozzle: Wetting and derusting, air humidification, chemical treatment, chemical agent spraying, tablet coating, smoke evaporation cooling, sterilization and disinfection, component cooling, fruit spray wax, ceramic tile glaze, liquid spraying, tobacco humidification, factory humidification, forming cooling, stamping machine, oil supply, derusting, food humidification, bonding, powder humidification, shaper lubrication, smearing drugs, pharmaceutical humidification, etc.
Paper industry: pulp moisture control, release agent spray, corrugated paper to prevent bending.
Plastic industry: electrostatic prevention agent spray, coated film, etc.
Steel industry: plate, pipe cooling, etc.
Textile industry: yarn, cloth moistening and so on.
Printing industry: concave plate printing rotary to prevent heat ripple, etc.
Automobile industry: car cooling of ovens on painting line, etc.
Coal mining industry: dust removal, cooling, etc.


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