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Ultrasonic Air Atomizing Nozzles for Dust Suppression

Material: stainless steel
Model Number : 1/4'
Working principle: atmospheric pressure
Working temperature: 0-200 ℃
Working pressure: 0.6bar-5.2bar
Injection angle: 30,60,80  degree
Scope of application: dust belt transportation screening point of coal mine unloading point dust quarry
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Ultrasonic air atomizing nozzle humidifying dust suppression dry fog nozzle

Stainless steel ultrasonic atomizing nozzle has the ability to produce very fine fog droplets, that is, the meaning of dry fog, ultrasonic atomizing nozzle droplets size of 1-10 microns. Ultrasonic atomizing nozzle uses the friction between compressed air and liquid to produce very uniform and the finest atomizing effect, the average diameter of atomized particles is less than 50 microns.

Ultrasonic Air Atomizing Nozzles for Dust Suppression Demo Video


Material: stainless steel
Model Number : 1/4'
Working principle: atmospheric pressure
Working temperature: 0-200 ℃
Working pressure: 0.6bar-5.2bar
Scope of application: dust belt transportation screening point of coal mine unloading point dust quarry


Spray Angle 80°

SV882 Spray Angle 60°

Spray Angle 30°

Gas pressure




Water pressure




Gas consumption




Water consumption




Atomizing granularity




Gas filtration demand




Water filtration demand





● Spray particles can be fine to about 10 microns;
● Ultrasonic waves are generated by mechanical resonance;
● The nozzle consists of the nozzle part and the base part;
● Does not rely on high pressure, water pressure is only 0.6 and 5.2bar;
● 100% stainless steel casting, eliminating wear and corrosion.

Ultrasonic Air Atomizing Nozzles for Dust Suppression

Ultrasonic dry mist nozzle is also called misting fog atomizing nozzle, often used for dust control, dust suppression, etc.
The spray distance of ultrasonic dry mist nozzle is far, and the atomized liquid is very fine droplets, whose diameter is almost the same as the size of dust. Therefore, it can adsorb dust well and let dust fall, so as to prevent dust from spreading in the air and reduce air pollution.
Ultrasonic Air Atomizing Nozzles for Dust Suppression

Application of ultrasonic atomizing nozzles for dust suppression

Mainly use ports and docks, hydropower plants, chemical plants, steel plants, transfer stations, crushing and screening buildings and other closed and closed places of unorganized dust concentration discharge.
Characteristics of ultrasonic dry fog dust suppression:
The diameter of fog particles is small, requiring only 1-10 microns of fog particles. It has a good effect in capturing inhalable particulate dust concentrations below 5 microns.
The orientation accuracy of the spray fog is strong, and the speed of the fog rope is faster, which can quickly capture, fast, and break the dust concentration expansion.

Wide range of applications
It is applied to spray dust suppression at the transfer point of crushing and selecting production line in various mines such as steel plant, cement plant, thermal power plant, paper mill, wharf and coal mine

Advantages of air atomizing nozzle for dust suppression system

1. Through the environmental optimization system, the high-pressure dry fog nozzle is used for atomization or air atomization. The air atomizing nozzle produces very fine dry fog(Fog particle size less than 10 microns) to suppress dust, dust treatment in the dust point.
2. Air atomizing nozzle can bring energy saving and emission reduction to dust suppression system, small water consumption, and the weight ratio of material is only 0.02%-0.05%, is 1/10-1/100 of the water consumption of traditional dust removal, material (coal) without calorific value loss.
3. air atomizing nozzle saves infrastructure investment and management costs.
4. Air atomizing nozzle system has high facility reliability, eliminating the traditional fan, dust collector, ventilation pipe, spraying pump room, sprinkler gun, etc., low operation and maintenance costs.
5. Air atomizing nozzle is suitable for unorganized discharge, closed or semi-closed space pollution sources.
6. Air atomizing nozzle can greatly reduce the probability of dust explosion and reduce the investment of fire fighting equipment.
7. Air atomizing nozzle reduces dust consumption by 40%-90% and operation cost.

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